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Not only was the New Orleans Saints rookie safety back near his hometown of Corona, California, during joint practices with the Los Angeles Chargers, but he also found himself making one of the plays of the day from his signature spot as a deep center fielder. Brandin Cooks Jerseys Williams intercepted Chargers quarterback Cardale Jones in full-team drills. Based on reporters’ observations from practice, Williams showed great anticipation and high-pointed the ball in the air. Drew Brees Jerseys That’s exactly the type of play Williams made his reputation on in college at Utah, with five interceptions in each of his final two seasons. And those ball skills are what the Saints pointed to when they snagged the 6-foot-1, 195-pounder with the 42nd pick in the draft.

“I felt pretty comfortable out there,” Williams said after the second day of practices with the Chargers. Kenny Vaccaro Jerseys “I’m not really a nervous type of guy. I just make sure I do my job and do my assignments. “It’s slowing down a lot. I get a lot of help from my coaches and teammates. ... Training camp has been a process. There’s ups, there’s downs, but you always continue to get better every day. There’s never a day you think you know everything. And each day I try to push myself to a new standard, make sure I’m getting better.” Mark Ingram Jerseys Williams, who traces his ball skills back to his days as a high school wide receiver in Corona, said after Thursday’s practice that he had an uncle, some close friends and coaches on hand for his return to the L.A. area.

Williams also had a solid performance in his preseason debut against the Cleveland Browns last week. Michael Thomas Jerseys And though he isn’t making a flash play every day on the practice field, he had a couple of them last week, too. As of now, Williams has been working as the third or fourth safety behind projected starters Kenny Vaccaro and Vonn Bell. But the Saints use a heavy dose of three-safety packages -- and if Williams continues to show his dynamic potential, they’ll find room for him on game days. “He’s smart, so he picks things up quickly,” coach Sean Payton said earlier in the week. “We just have to keep getting him reps. He’s someone that when he’s around the ball, he has really good ball skills. I’d say he’s doing well. We just have to keep getting him the work”.

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